Marvel Fans Aren’t Sure What To Make Of Venom 2’s Official Title

venom Tom Hardy

Yesterday, Sony revealed that Venom 2 will be pushed back from its original October release to next June. That’s a big setback that has left some fans devastated, but cleverly, the studio decided to counter the bad news with the reveal of the sequel’s official subtitle – and it’s got folks talking just as much, if not even more. Yup, the days of calling it Venom 2 are no more, as the film is actually called Venom: Let There Be Carnage. No, really.

The reactions to the title going around on social media are, let’s say, a bit mixed, much like the response to the first movie back in 2018. First of all, the jokesters on Twitter are having a field day. For instance, this guy was on hand to helpfully point out the subtle easter egg in the film’s name.

This guy’s here all week.

Another thinks the title must’ve been dreamnt up by a teenage Venom fan.

On the other hand, some were here for the “ridiculously stupid” energy of the subtitle.

See, Woody Harrelson likes it!

For different people, the title does its job of getting them hyped to see Carnage brought to the big screen.

Maybe the extended title should be Let There Be A Comic-Accurate Carnage. 

The sickest title ever? Also, we’ll all be DiCaprio when Cletus Kasady undoubtedly says the title within the movie.

Harrelson debuted as Cletus in the mid-credits scene of Venom, with that already featuring a pretty unsubtle reference to his supervillain identity. When Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock visited him in jail, the serial killer promised that “there is gonna be carnage” when he breaks out. Well, sure enough, the sequel’s title tells us that carnage there will indeed be.

Venom 2 – er, that’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage – will finally swing into theaters on June 25th, 2021. That date was previously filled by Warner Bros.’ The Batman, but it’ll now be arriving – ironically – in October 2021 instead.