Here’s How Valkyrie Could Fit Into Avengers: Endgame


What with the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel fans have spent the past year theorizing about the fates of the characters that did not appear in the film. One that fans have really been worried about is Valkyrie, as played by Tessa Thompson in Thor: Ragnarok. At last though, her character poster and the Chinese poster for Avengers: Endgame have officially confirmed that she’ll return to the MCU next month. But what role will she play?

Reddit user NaiadoftheSea asked the subscribers of /r/marvelstudios to speculate on how the last of the Asgardian woman warriors would fit into Endgame, and they came up with some pretty intriguing suggestions. A common one was that Valkyrie would team up with a few of the heroes as part of a B-plot. As one fan put it, “Side quest with Thor and Captain Marvel.”

Another fan agreed and fleshed out their own theory:

“I was thinking Thor, Captain Marvel and Hulk shoot off into space to either fight Thanos themselves or gather a force to make a stand against him. That’s where they wind up finding Valkyrie and whatever Asgardians are left. Meanwhile the rest of the Avengers are on their whirlwind journey through the quantum realm.”

Similarly, another put forward the idea that Valkyrie and a few of the other heroes who aren’t the original six will guard the Avengers compound while the others do some time-traveling. The fan suggested that this group would be kept busy by Thanos sending some Outriders after them.

Another one that got a lot of votes was the notion that Valkyrie is looking after the Asgardians that managed to survive Thanos’ attack on the Statesman. One even pitched that they could have found a home in Norway.

Alternatively, what if Valkyrie is the savior of Iron Man and Nebula, and the reason they manage to get back to Earth? As one fan wrote:

“I think she is the one to find Tony Stark, she might go to Titan and then to earth, that would have her pass through the exact area of space where Nebula and Tony is drifting about, or close enough to pick up their signal. That would enable some funny banter to ensue as we have meet up moment, like when Thor met tGoTG.”

Last but not least, it’s possible, thinks one fan, that Valkyrie could finish Endgame being deemed worthy to become the next Thor. This suggestion is reliant on the idea that many of the OG Avengers will die in the movie.

“I think its possible she gets stormbreaker in final battle and become the new Thor, now that Jane Foster/Natalie Portman is out of MCU. I think we gonna have a woman Thor, like in the comics, in the future of MCU, and Valkyrie is the best bet.”

Tell us, how do you think Valkyrie will fit into the plot of Avengers: Endgame? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Source: Reddit