Marvel fans think they’ve found a glaring ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ plothole

Guardians of the Galaxy alleged plothole
Image: Marvel Studios

One of Marvel’s favorite families has from one of their most unlikely franchises, Guardians of the Galaxy. But now, fans think they may have picked up a plothole in the 2014 flick.

It’s hard to believe that seven years ago nobody had ever heard of Groot or Rocket Raccoon, who are now sold as plush toys at any and all Disney stores across the planet. But cast your mind back to those early days of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Fans were still learning what the group was all about, and a police line-up was used in the film to properly introduce all the crew to audiences.

However, an astute observation from this very scene has led fans to believe that we’ve been played for fools since its Aug. 2014 release. Why? The translator.

The poster complains that if Peter Quill had a translator, why is he not able to understand Groot? In all of the first film, Quill is shown to not understand what the giant tree man. This did get rectified by Avengers: Infinity War, where Star-Lord clearly reacts to a teenage Groot swearing.

Though, the comments section disagrees and has a very obvious reason for this apparent discrepancy: a translator may not necessarily have every language to exist.

Overall though, there are some things in science fiction and fantasy you just need to accept and move on with. It’s similar to Doctor Who’s universal translator that will occasionally, for plot reasons, malfunction or not know a language. The good news for Doctor Who is there are literally thousands of hours of content so pedants probably don’t have time to nit-pick every detail.

Guardians of the Galaxy will return for Vol. 3, which is due out May 2023.