Marvel Fans Are Wishing Captain America’s Ass A Happy 4th


Happy 4th of July, everybody! The momentous celebration of America’s independence has already made quite the dent on the social media waves, as people all over the country post pictures and videos of their patriot-themed food, their families, and their local parades. Marvel fans are making their presence known as well in the festivities, putting Captain America in the spotlight and recognizing perhaps his most well-known asset: his ass.

One of the great lines to come out of Avengers: Endgame earlier this year came courtesy of Ant-Man. Having gone back in time to 2012 New York, Scott Lang, Steve Rogers, and Tony Stark encounter the past versions of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. When Tony makes a quip that the Cap’s 2012 outfit doesn’t do anything for his behind, Ant-Man comes to its defense, heralding it as “America’s Ass.”

Given the amount of Tweets dedicated to the bomb booty, that title’s certainly stood the test of two months and will surely last a much longer amount of time, even though Evans has left the franchise. In any case, we grabbed a couple of our favorite tribute pictures and mashed them together below for your viewing pleasure.

This sort of silly parade’s not all that ridiculous however. In addition to being rather funny, it’s also quite the tribute to the Cap, as well as Chris Evans, who’s played the character for 8 years. Marvel fans have been posting mini tributes to both all morning, and will hopefully continue to do so throughout the day.

Here are some of our favorites:

Early this morning, the hashtag was given another enormous boost when Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo made his own super-sized contribution.

It’s always fun seeing the Avengers crew poking fun at one another online. It sort of authenticates the bonds we love watching on the big screen. As such, hopefully we’ll be seeing more actors commemorating Captain America‘s ass before the fireworks end, but be sure to do your part as well!