Is Marvel Finally Getting To Work On Ant-Man?

According to Bleeding Cool, Marvel is finally getting to work on the long-awaited Ant-Man film, or so it seems. Apparently, a few comic book stores in London, England has been very active recently with people trying to find old issues of Ant-Man comics.

What makes this interesting is that the three stores (Forbidden Planet, Gosh and Orbital), are frequented by movie studios and production companies. Furthermore, Bleeding Cool says that no one ever asks for Ant-Man comics and now people are coming in looking for a large amount of them.

Furthermore, when the shop owners ask the customers if they’re buying the comics for the upcoming Marvel film, the customers show signs of surprise and shock, asking how the store owner could possibly know.

Lastly, one of the customers had a specific request, wanting a reference for the character’s “echo time locator” from the “old series.”

Now, of course this could all just be one big coincidence but I must say, it seems like Bleeding Cool is accurate. Edgar Wright (the man who will be behind the camera for this one) is British and it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the film is being shot overseas. Plus, rumors about the project have been heating up lately, so perhaps the studio really is starting to get to work on it.

What do you think? Is Marvel finally getting to work on the film?

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