Marvel Future Revolution Begins Eternals Themed Event

Image via Netmarble

Eternals content keeps coming and for players of Marvel’s Future Revolution, this means you’re getting a handful of new characters and a new in-game event that will take you through the month of November.

Today Marvel and Netmarble announced the brand new update coming to the open-world mobile RPG-themed after Eternals which is scheduled to hit theatres on Nov. 5.

During November the limited-time epic invasion “The Eternals” will be live allowing players to face off against Kro and hordes of his deviant subordinates. While taking down these endless waves you’ll earn yourself rewards but get in on the action fast as the event is now live and will draw to its conclusion on Nov. 28.

This event will see four Eternals characters added to the game as companions Ikarus, Sersi, Thena, and Gilgamesh. Their addition comes along with the new companion system joining the game replacing the previous support system.

These companions all boast an active skill that will help players out in combat. You’ll be able to have up to four companions in battle at any one time meaning that you can take the whole Eternals gang with you as you adventure.

Along with the Eternals content, there are a handful of changes and additions to the game rolled out in this update including Elite Rankings, Transmutation, Battle Badge Crafting, and Nano-Fusion Costume Option Change. If you’d like to read more about this update you can check out its full patch notes here.