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Marvel May Not Include Wolverine In Their First X-Men Movie

According to sources close to We Got This Covered, Marvel is thinking about leaving Wolverine out of their first X-Men movie.


Now that Avengers: Endgame has come and gone and concluded over 10 years of storylines in the MCU, fans are left wondering what comes next? Well, with the ink finally drying on the Disney/Fox deal, the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four are now returning back to Marvel Studios, and what better way to move forward than to bring us new takes on characters like Wolverine and the rest of the mutants?

Obviously, that’s something that’s in the works but when, exactly, can we expect to see the X-Men in the MCU? Well, according to Endgame co-director Joe Russo, it may be some time. Speaking about the property a while back, he explained that Wolvie, in particular, needs “to be set aside for a little while” before he returns to theaters.

Truth be told, he’s absolutely right, and it seems that this is actually indeed what Marvel’s planning to do. Sources close to We Got This Covered have informed us that for one, Wolvie won’t be the leader of the team when the mutants are eventually rebooted in the MCU. Not only that, but he may not even appear in the first X-Men movie from Marvel Studios.

Our source says this is just an idea they’re toying with, as Kevin Feige and co. are more interested in giving the spotlight to Storm, Scott and a few of the other heroes who may not’ve gotten as much time to shine as they should’ve in Fox’s films. Even if he doesn’t appear in the first movie though, that doesn’t mean Logan won’t be in the MCU.

If he’s indeed left out, Wolverine will then show up in the sequel and go on to have a large role in future projects. Just don’t expect him to be the face of the franchise as he was for all those years under Fox. And really, that’s probably for the best.

But what do you make of all this? Should Marvel leave Wolverine out of their first X-Men movie in order to establish some of the other heroes first? Or should he be there from the start? Sound off down below with your thoughts.

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