Marvel Is Moving Forward With An Inhumans Film


Just a few days ago, Guardians of the Galaxy actor Vin Diesel teased fans (again) about The Inhumansa film that’s been rumored to come down Marvel’s pipeline for quite some time. Now, it seems that the studio is finally moving forward with the project, which already has a script from Amber Lake scribe Joe Robert Cole. The next step is to take the script and find a filmmaker to bring the cosmic superhuman team to life.

For those unfamiliar with the characters, the Inhumans were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1975. Their history is filled with some confusing cosmic mumbo jumbo, but the basic idea is that they’re an advanced race of humans, who were genetically created by the Kree alien race millions of years ago. The Kree succeeded in creating a strain of humanity with extraordinary abilities, but abandoned their experiment due to a prophecy that predicted that the Inhumans would one day destroy the Kree Supreme Intelligence. The Inhumans went on to create and thrive in a society of their own, and managed to live in obscurity from the rest of the human race and develop advanced technology. They live in the city Attilan, which has moved to several locations over the years, including the Andes, Himilayas, New York City, and to the Blue Area of the Moon.

The Inhumans are led by their king, Black Bolt, and his royal family: Medusa, who has super hair that she can move around psychokinetically; Karnak, a master martial artist with the ability to sense one’s weak points; Gorgon, who can generate seismic shockwaves; Triton, a green skinned fish-like man who can breathe underwater; Crystal, who can manipulate the four elements; Maximus the Mad, the Loki of the family, who possesses genius-level intellect and mind-control; and a giant bulldog who can teleport named Lockjaw.

Needless to say, it’s a strange bunch of characters, and one that would require careful introduction in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the success of Guardians of the Galaxy proves that audiences are willing to explore the uncharted and strange corners of the MCU, and as long as the right director is in place, the film could be quite good.

There’s a lot of potential with The Inhumans not just financially, but creatively as well. They could easily serve as a stand-in for the X-Men, who are owned by Fox and won’t be coming to the MCU anytime soon. Since the Inhumans are technically mutants, Marvel could easily substitute them in for the X-Men and explore more of the cosmic side of the MCU at the same time.

According to Collider, The Inhumans won’t just be another extension of Marvel’s properties, but will be an active part of a multi-film cosmic universe within the existing MCU. That’s certainly one way for the studio to raise the bar in a post-Avengers world!

As of right now, we have no idea when we can expect to see The Inhumans, or who the studio will find to bring the team to life. They’ll likely go for someone similar to James Gunn though, who can rework the script and then execute a specific unique vision for the property.

Tell us, are you excited to hear that Marvel is moving forward with The Inhumans? Would would you like to see at the helm? Sound off in the comments below!