Marvel is giving fans the ultimate ‘Thor’ experience for ‘Love and Thunder’

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Thor fans in the United States are being treated to a massive cinema experience to celebrate the launch of Thor: Love and Thunder next month as Marvel announces the G.O.A.T Marathon.

The Greatest of All Thor marathon will be held at select cinemas across the United States, giving fans the chance to watch all three current Thor movies back-to-back-to-back before catching the midnight release of Thor: Love and Thunder directly after to cap it all off.

In a post about the event, New York’s Alamo Cinema (which will be taking part in the event) announced the Thor fiesta which will provide fans in the United States a chance to be some of the first to see the film as the marathon will take place a day before its official launch.

“He’s smote gods, cut off Thanos’ head, and even stood up to NoobMaster69, but is Thor really the greatest god of thunder out there? Let’s find out at this epic four-movie marathon celebrating the Odinson in all his might. Be among the first to see THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER a day ahead of the official release and three hours prior to any other public shows.”

The screening will include Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and Thor: Ragnarok, before debuting Thor: Love and Thunder.

Those who attend the screening won’t just be treated to a memorable 476-minute cinematic experience, but also score themselves a commemorative t-shirt and lanyard to remember the event by. It isn’t clear if this will be available at all cinemas taking part.

Thor is the first MCU character to receive their fourth solo movie on top of the many appearances that the character has had in Avengers movies.

If you’re interested in attending you should check your local theater to see if they are taking part. Thor: Love and Thunder is scheduled to arrive in theaters on July 8.

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