Latest Avengers: Endgame Promo Features A New Iron Man/Cap Scene


Are you ready, Marvel fans? Avengers: Endgame is just 10 days away so let the countdown start…now!

Earlier today, Marvel Studios marked the exciting occasion with the release of a new TV spot that reminds us how soon release day is. The 15-second promo is mostly made up of clips seen in previous trailers, but it does have a couple fresh bits of footage. For one, Rocket hanging upside down and saying “yeah!” and, more importantly, a new scene with Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

The pair are in plain clothes by the boot of what looks to be Tony’s car. “We’re getting the whole team,” Iron Man tells his friend, causing Cap to smirk and say “yeah?”

So, how does this promo help us piece together the plot of the movie? Well, Tony’s back on Earth and clearly recovered from his stint lost in space. It seems at this stage in the film, he then takes the initiative to go and reunite the various heroes still left after the Snap. Although, from the trailers, it looked like most of them were together already. Maybe Tony’s referring to Hawkeye then, who we know’s found by Black Widow in Tokyo?

We’ll have to wait a little bit longer to get some answers to those questions, but with just 10 days to go, Marvel likely won’t be pleased by a major leak that’s appeared online recently. Though the original video has since been pulled down, nearly 5 minutes of footage surfaced and already, there are some huge spoilers on social media. Many are even fleeing the likes of Twitter and Facebook so they can see the movie clean in a week and a half’s time.

With any luck, nothing else will be spoiled between then and now and we can all walk into the theater knowing as little as possible about all the surprises Marvel has in store for us with Avengers: Endgame.

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