New LEGO Leak Reveals First Look At Simu Liu As Shang-Chi


While other upcoming Marvel movies like Doctor Strange 2, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Thor: Love and Thunder have been grabbing a lot of headlines recently as various details have leaked out, one project that the studio has managed to keep mostly under wraps is Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringsthe first martial arts-themed Marvel flick that’ll feature the MCU debut of Simu Liu’s superhero.

But if you’ve had enough of all the secrecy and have been itching to get your first look at Liu in character, then this is your lucky day, as a leaked snap of a LEGO tie-in set (seen below) for the movie has unveiled the actor in costume as Shang-Chi. On the front of the box, a promo image of the Marvel universe’s premier martial artist is featured. Plus, the subject of the set is an exciting reveal, too.

Shang-Chi’s suit has gone through many changes over the years, but it usually sports a red and black color scheme, just as the MCU version does here. And though it’s hard to make it out in too much detail, it looks like they’ve gone with a two-piece costume instead of Spider-Man-like “underoos.” The raised collar and detailed interweaving around the chest are also neat additions for live-action. Fingers crossed we’ll get a full glimpse at the outfit soon enough.

The other big revelation contained in this set is the LEGO dragon featured on the box, which must be our first look at Fin Fang Foom in the MCU. It’s been rumored before that the iconic dragon would appear in the franchise for the first time in the film, and this seems to be a concrete bit of proof of that. The LEGO construction doesn’t necessarily look like Foom, but if the movie is going to be introducing a dragon, it’s got to be him.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is on course to arrive this very summer on June 9th.