Marvel Is In No Rush To Announce The Captain Marvel Director



If you’ve been waiting impatiently for Marvel to announce who they’ve chosen to direct 2019’s Captain Marvel movie, which stars Brie Larson, we’ve got some bad news. Though several names have popped up on the rumor mill over the last few months, it appears that the studio is in no rush to announce anything

That’s according to Variety’s Justin Kroll, who says Marvel is currently trying to find a script that they like and are in no hurry to choose someone to direct – which makes sense when you think about it. There’s also the fact that the studio is incredibly busy at the moment, what with both Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War now in production. Plus, without a finalized script in place, there wouldn’t even be too much for a director to do right now.

We know that the studio intends to go with a female for the job – which is certainly the right choice – but aside from that, we’ve got no real indication as to who they’re leaning towards. Names like Rebecca Thomas and Niki Caro have been tossed around, among others, but with Marvel still taking meetings, we likely won’t hear about a final choice for some time. And honestly, that’s alright with us.


There’s more than enough to look forward to from the studio over the next few years without having to worry about Captain Marvel. Sure, the film has a lot riding on it, being a female-led comic book movie with a female director, but we really have no reason at all to doubt Kevin Feige and co. as they haven’t let us down yet and they no doubt know how important this particular project is to their overall plan.

In any case, casting Brie Larson as the titular hero is certainly a step in the right direction and once Marvel eventually settles on a director, we’re fairly confident that it will be someone who the fans embrace with arms wide open. If we had to bet, we’d say an announcement at Comic-Con this year is likely, but as always, as soon as we hear anything further, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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