Marvel Officially Announces Guardians Of The Galaxy

Today at Comic-Con, in the famous Hall H, Marvel finally announced their upcoming 2014 film. As expected, it was Guardians of the Galaxy and as for the exact team members that will make up the roster, you can expect to see Star-Lord, Draxx the Destroyer, Groot, Gamorra and Rocket Raccoon.

Shortly after the announcement, Marvel moved on to Ant-Man, so no more details were given on the project. Apparently, all that was shown was some concept art and it was also revealed, as expected, that the film would be animated.

Personally, I’m not too familiar with the heroes but I have read a bit about them on Marvel’s website. They seem like an interesting bunch and I’m curious to see how the film will compare to The Avengers, as both are similar in that they feature more than just one hero.

As of now, we really don’t know anything more about the film so there’s nothing really to go on. All we know is that an animated film of Guardians of the Galaxy will be arriving in 2014.

Tell us, what you think of the latest announcement. Will Marvel’s upcoming superhero film be as successful as their last (The Avengers)?