Marvel Fan Spots Cool Parallel Between Infinity War And The Avengers


Avengers: Infinity War is a movie filled with callbacks and subtle nods to MCU past.

Take Doctor Strange, for instance, who journeys through multiple different timelines to discover that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have a 1-in-14 million chance of defeating Thanos, which doesn’t exactly bode well for the untitled Avengers 4.

But in order to add a little oomph to Strange’s gloomy prediction, the Infinity War script included a callback to Age of Ultron and, more specifically, the moment when a visibly distressed Tony Stark remembers steering a nuclear warhead through a wormhole to avoid widespread catastrophe. It’s a vortex he describes as the “endgame,” which is precisely the same descriptor used by Strange some years later.

So it’s pretty clear that the Avengers: Infinity War script is layered with rich and subtle references to the MCU – including this one that’s been spotted by Redditor Tplayingcardco:

In 2012’s The Avengers, when Tony grabs the nuke and takes it through the wormhole, Cap says, ‘Tony, you know that’s a one-way trip.” In Infinity War, Tony says the same thing to Peter Parker – ‘This is a one-way ticket.’ Iron Man has faced this same situation before and barely come out alive… twice now!

It’s a fun observation, and one of the many discoveries that’s been made in light of Avengers: Infinity War launching across Blu-ray and DVD. And without a November release to look forward to, we imagine Marvel’s biggest MCU installment thus far will be discussed ad nasueam as we inch closer and closer to Avengers 4… the real endgame.

Sandwiched in between those two events is the standalone Captain Marvel movie, which has supposedly set its trailer reveal for October 2018. Watch this space for more.