Marvel Phase Three To Kick Off With Captain America: Civil War


Kicking off events at the Marvel press conference today was the news that the third instalment in the Captain America series would be called… Serpent Society. Yeah, you read that right! Before fans could scramble to figure out what that meant for the war hero, Marvel head Kevin Feige revealed that the film’s true title is actually Captain America: Civil War.

This slots into previous talk about a certain “big event” that’s been teased for the beginning of Marvel’s Phase Three. The Civil War has long-since been rumoured for Cap’s third solo venture, and was finally confirmed by Feige today, who discussed the loyalty to the comic:

“It’s hard to set up these storylines, like Civil War. This will be the Civil War of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will be like the comic, but it will be based in particular on Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron.”

He went on to state that much like the original Civil War storyline, the film will reference the global Superhuman Registration Act. In the comic, the act outlines that any individual with superhuman or unusual abilities must register with the government. Tony Stark takes the pro-registation route, while Steve Rogers takes an anti-registration stance and subsequently, the pair feud over the issue. While that’s almost a guaranteed part of the movie, when asked about the secret identities aspect of the act that includes Spider-Man, Feige addressed those changes in transition from page to screen:

“I don’t want to give too much away, but needless to say, the generalities of the act are the same. Something happens, perhaps it’s cumulative for things that have happened though all of the movies leading up to this point. It has made the governments of the world say “we need to have some oversight of these guys. They need to report to somebody. So it becomes more… it falls under that umbrella, rather than “you have to take off your mask.” It’s not about the secret identity thing, as much as it is about, overall, who reports to who, and who can agree to oversight committee. Because as of now, in Avengers 2, there is no more security council, there is no SHIELD, obviously. Stark is paying for it, Captain America is running it, and things occur that will make governments begin to question.”

Captain America: Civil War will hit cinemas on May 6th, 2016.