Marvel Are Releasing An Official Dancing Groot Toy In Time For Christmas

baby groot guardians of the galaxy

This past summer, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe took things up a notch, satisfying diehard fans and newbies alike with Guardians Of The Galaxy. It set the box office alight and received lashings of positive critical acclaim for its quirky approach to superheroes wrapped around a wham-bam of impressive set pieces. While the main bulk of the film won people over before the credits, there was one little guy who stole everyone’s hearts riiiiight at the last second. Groot. Or should we say Baby Groot. The former trunk-turned-twig completely dominated the end credits with his adorable dancing, and now it looks like Marvel have heard the fans cry out for one of their own!

In light of many homespun crafters cornering the market on Baby Groots, Marvel have decided to produce their own officially licensed version of the pot-bound sapling for fans to scoop up in time for the holidays. The comic behemoth have partnered with KIDdesigns for the toy, which will hit shelves in December at a very affordable $14.99. Once turned on, Baby Groot will bop and sashay in his pot, accompanied by an electronic version of Jackson 5’s I Want You Back from a built-in speaker. Emblazoned on the side of his container is his only catchphrase, I Am Groot.

There’s even a short video clip available, courtesy of Mashable, so you can witness the cute little fella strutting his stuff before you begin pestering your loved ones for your very own. There’s no official release date for Marvel’s Baby Groot, but until that’s announced you can plan on picking up Guardians Of The Galaxy in digital format on November 18th and on every format known to man on December 9th.