Marvel Reportedly Wants Andrew Garfield To Play Another Hero In The MCU

Mainstream Andrew Garfield

Going into Spider-Man: No Way Home, there’s a huge amount of excitement surrounding the potential comebacks of both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Despite Holland and Garfield himself dismissing these claims, it feels like an unshakeable fact at this stage that the original two Spideys will return in the MCU and even if they don’t show up in No Way Home, the odds are high they’ll be back at some point. But this might just be the beginning for one of the actors.

New intel is pointing to Garfield being eyed for another role in the Marvel universe, as insider Daniel Richtman has shared a rumor that claims Kevin Feige wants the British star to remain on board the MCU as a completely different character. The reasoning for this, it’s said, is because Garfield’s web-slinger is from elsewhere in the multiverse, so it doesn’t matter if he takes on a second part.

We’ve already seen this logic play out in WandaVision, too, with Evan Peters portraying Ralph and not Quicksilver. On the other hand, Eternals‘ Gemma Chan appeared in Captain Marvel in a separate role without the aid of the multiverse. Basically, at this point, Marvel just wants to make the best use out of the many great actors they have at their disposal, and it seems this includes Garfield.

As much as the Amazing Spider-Man films received a mixed reception, fans have always loved Andrew’s performance in them, so the idea that he could portray another Marvel character is definitely an exciting one. Unfortunately, this rumor doesn’t narrow down who Feige might be eyeing him up for, so it’s hard to guess which role the star may play next. But you’d have to imagine that Garfield would need to be offered something worlds away from Peter Parker to be convinced to sign up.

In any case, a Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer is expected to be on the way soon, though we likely won’t know one way or the other if Andrew Garfield really is in the movie for a long while yet.