Marvel Reportedly Has Big Plans For Rogue In The MCU


Something Marvel can do when they reboot the X-Men within the MCU in a couple of years is highlight the characters that Fox either sidelined or didn’t do justice to in their movies. Rogue would at the top of that list, as Anna Paquin’s version was very different from the fiery, super-strong Southern Belle from the comics. And it’s now being said that a new version of Rogue could appear as soon as Captain Marvel 2, with the studio having big plans for the heroine.

As you may have already heard, Rogue is being considered to appear in the Brie Larson-fronted sequel. However, the twist would be that she wouldn’t be part of the X-Men but instead the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, or a similar mutant terrorist group. This would be neat, as it would match up with her origins in the comics, as the adoptive daughter of Mystique. However, it would apparently be just the beginning of her lifespan in the MCU.

Scoopster Mikey Sutton is the one to break this story, and his intel points to Kevin Feige wanting to do a lot with Rogue as she’s one of his favorite X-Men characters. Dropping her in CM2 first would be a good call, too, seeing as it’s permanently absorbing both Carol Danvers’ powers and psyche that causes Rogue to reform and join Xavier’s crew in the comics. This could be easily replicated on screen in the film, setting up her return in the X-Men reboot.

Sutton’s claims about Rogue have been backed up by both Cosmic Book News and The Lords of the Long Box, too, so this isn’t coming from just one source. Fans would certainly be pleased with this eventuality as well, but the script isn’t even written yet – screenwriter Megan McDowell only signed up to the project last month – so things can definitely change before it hits the screen sometime in 2022.