Marvel Has Reportedly Decided On Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel 2’s Villains


The Brie Larson-starring Captain Marvel 2 is slowly moving forward towards its 2022 release date with another big confirmation coming this week. Nia DaCosta, who recently directed the Candyman remake, will reportedly be helming the MCU project. And considering the current stagnant state of film production amid the pandemic right now, any step forward is good progress.

Now, with the sequel beginning to take shape, we’re staring to learn a bit more about what the story might involve. And among other things, we’ve heard that Marvel have reportedly settled on who they want the main villains of the film to be. According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us John Wick: Chapter 5 is happening and Taskmaster would be the primary antagonist in Black Widow, both of which were correct – Larson’s character will face off against both evil Skrulls and evil Krees in the upcoming sequel.

On one side, we’ll have Veranke, Queen of the Skrulls, who’s appeared in the comic books as the Skrull Empress and had a hand in the events of the Secret Invasion storyline, in which some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were replaced by impostors. And appearing alongside her to cause trouble for Carol Danvers will be the Lunatic Legion, a fanatical Kree group with some pretty dodgy ideologies about race superiority. Together, these two will act as the main threats in the film, we’re told. At least, that’s the plan right now. Things can always change, though, as the project continues to develop.

In any case, Captain Marvel 2 is expected to be a huge narrative undertaking, with a host of new characters being introduced. Everyone from Ms. Marvel to some of the Defenders have been linked to the pic, while several existing heroes, like Spider-Man, are thought to factor in as well. It might all sound like a bit too much, but Captain America: Civil War was similarly more of an ensemble movie than a Captain America flick, and it turned out just fine.

However things ultimately play out for the much-anticipated sequel, it certainly seems as if some big changes are coming to the MCU and Captain Marvel 2 will likely be planting a lot of seeds for the future of the franchise.