Marvel Reportedly Developing Spider-Man And Deadpool Buddy Movie

Deadpool-Spider-Man (1)

In the pages of Marvel Comics, Spider-Man and Deadpool have a long and complicated history, one that’s seen them face off and team up on an almost equal number of occasions. The interactions between the two are often hilarious and frequently unusual, and the idea of seeing the costumed crime-fighters’ relationship unfold in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with actors as talented as Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland is something that the fans are fully on board with.

Of course, almost as soon as Disney purchased Fox, there were rumors making the rounds that Marvel were looking to capitalize on the dynamic between the web-slinger and the Merc with a Mouth, and it would appear that Reynolds and Holland have already struck up a firm friendship behind the scenes. Of course, Deadpool 3 still remains in stasis with frustratingly little headway being made on the project, but the studio have always been about the long game instead of focusing on just one movie at a time.

In fact, according to tipster Mikey Sutton, Marvel are actually already forging ahead with plans to have Spider-Man and Deadpool team up in a big screen adventure in the vein of a classic buddy film, with the aim being to provide a more light-hearted alternative to the franchise’s ever-expanding mythology.

“No filmmakers are attached yet, and this certainly won’t be Spider-Man 3. Nevertheless, Sony and Disney see comedic and commercial gold in seeing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man tangling with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. In fact, that perhaps is even more anticipated than Reynolds sharing the screen with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.”

Fans would no doubt definitely be into this, but the major sticking point is obviously the fact that Deadpool is still no closer to making his MCU debut than he was a year ago, matters that aren’t helped by the studio delaying all of their Phase Four output and Ryan Reynolds’ apparent desire to star in almost every new movie that’s offered to him.