Marvel Reportedly Eyeing Rosario Dawson For New Role

It is clear the MCU is expanding drastically during the upcoming Marvel phases, be it in scale after entering the Multiverse, but also in cast size as the names keep coming of who Disney is eyeing for future Marvel projects.

The latest of these names comes from a report by Giant Freakin Robot who claim trusted and proven sources revealed to them that Marvel wants Rosario Dawson for a role in a future project.

While many may have forgotten, Dawson has already technically been a part of the MCU thanks to the Netflix Defenders series where she played Claire Temple, however, according to the report, this role would be much larger both in scale and in impact on the MCU.

There were no further details revealed regarding what Marvel’s intentions are for Dawson outside of the fact that it won’t be reprising her former role. It shouldn’t be a big surprise that Marvel is looking to add Dawson to their cast of characters. The actress has been on the rise most recently taking on another role in a massive Disney property as the live-action Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian and her character’s own series coming to Disney+ in the future.

Given Disney’s decisions regarding the former Marvel Netflix series and their connection to the MCU, Dawson’s former role of Claire Temple shouldn’t cause any issues casting the actress in a bigger role given that it took place in a different timeline.

While we have no information now, if this report proves to be true there will be more details coming regarding this casting in the coming months.