Marvel Had Green Goblin Removed From Silver & Black So They Can Use Him In MCU


Earlier this week, a juicy rumor reared its head that claimed Marvel has “big plans” for Norman Osborn in the MCU and that the studio is currently working on extending its deal with Sony in order to acquire him. As Venom makes clear, though Marvel has Spider-Man in their toy box, Sony’s still holding on to some of the other major figures in the Spidey mythology in order to build their own franchise.

Despite this, the man most commonly known as Green Goblin might be making the jump over to the MCU soon. Writer Daniel RPK started the rumor on Twitter with his post about Marvel’s interest in Osborn – something that was quickly supported by Charles Murphy of That Hashtag Show. Murphy claimed that Norman was supposed to be in Sony’s Silver & Black but due to Marvel’s interest in using him, the script had to go back to the drawing board as they couldn’t have him in the film anymore.

The fact that Silver & Black in its previous form is no more is common knowledge, of course, as director Gina Prince-Blythewood’s said that there were scripting issues and the project’s now been split into two – one movie for Black Cat, one for Silver Sable. If Murphy’s to be believed, though, then the real reason for its cancellation is because Marvel pushed to get Gobby removed from the screenplay. Clearly without its key villain, the whole thing fell apart.

Assuming there’s fire behind this smoke, it’s easy to see why Norman Osborn would be in such high demand by the House of Ideas. Though wider audiences know him as Spider-Man’s nemesis, the Oscorp CEO has also played more of a Lex Luthor-type role for the whole of the Avengers over the years. With him on board, Marvel could roll out adaptations of numerous popular storylines like Dark Reign and Siege as well as the supervillain team the Thunderbolts.

Unless, of course, the plan’s more short-term and Osborn will pop up for a cameo in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Either way, we’ll keep you posted if more of this Green Goblin situation comes to light.

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