Marvel Reportedly Keeping An Eye On Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

Amid speculation over whether Henry Cavill is done as Superman or not, Marvel is reportedly keeping an eye on the Man of Steel star. With the news that Warner Bros. is developing a Supes reboot, DCEU fans are up in arms over the studio potentially letting Cavill go as the Last Son of Krypton. If WB do want to keep him on, though, then they’d better hurry up and make things official, as their biggest rivals may be looking to poach the actor.

Geekosity has shared that Cavill’s increasingly busy schedule is reducing the likelihood that he could return to the DCEU. For one, he’s got his ongoing commitments to The Witcher. And, speaking of his partnership with Netflix, he’s set to reprise Sherlock in a sequel to Enola Holmes, which is expected to give him additional screen time. What’s more, the outlet’s source is quoted as saying that Marvel is watching the actor as a potential future recruit to the MCU.

“Warner Bros. needs to act soon if they want to keep him,” writes Geekosity. “Marvel Studios is keeping an eye on him, too.”

Of course, this is far from the first time that we’ve heard Marvel wants to get Cavill on board. In fact, rumors have been pointing to this ever since we learned that he might be exiting the DCEU back in 2018. In recent months, two characters have emerged as the most probable heroes that the British star could play in the MCU, as it’s believed that he may end up as either Captain Britain or Hercules. Both of these roles can be considered Superman analogues to a degree, so you can see why Cavill would be in the running for them.

The question is, though, does WB mind that Marvel might be about to steal their former leading man? Dwayne Johnson is said to be keen to get the Man of Steel in his Black Adam franchise, but beyond that, Warner Bros. doesn’t seem to be listening to the huge fan demand out there for more of Henry Cavill in the DCEU. They may come to regret that if he’s snapped up by the competition, though.