Marvel’s Reportedly Planning On Rebooting Daredevil In The MCU


Marvel fans had their hearts broken when Netflix announced they were cancelling all five MCU TV shows, with the last of them – Jessica Jones and The Punisher – getting the chop back in February. What with the #SaveDaredevil campaign and similar efforts, though, many are hoping that the shows will be brought back by Hulu or Disney Plus or maybe that Marvel will welcome the Defenders into the movie side of things.

Now, one new report is saying this second option may be what’s going to happen. The only trouble is it won’t be the same versions of these characters we got to know on Netflix. Cosmic Book News claims their source has told them that the studio plans to reboot Daredevil and co. within the MCU, with new actors set to play the heroes.

CBN reports that they’ve been told the Netflix series were never officially considered part of the MCU and so Marvel has no problem with rebooting them once they get the rights back from the streaming service in a couple of years’ time. The site puts this down to the poor relationship between Marvel Studios, which is presided over by Kevin Feige, and Marvel Television, headed by Jeph Loeb.

We did recently get an indicator that this is the thinking behind the scenes, when Mahershala Ali was announced as the new Blade – despite having a major role on Luke Cage season 1. It’s not like this is a sudden break with canon, however, as his LC co-star Alfre Woodard showed up way back in Captain America: Civil War. So, you can see how the MCU and the Netflix shows haven’t been simpatico for years.

Speaking of Blade, CBN notes that Marvel will get the rights back to the Defenders around the same time that Blade will be in development. So, the studio may have plans for a more mature, street-wise side to the MCU once these characters come back home.

Tell us, though, how do you feel about the notion of Daredevil and the rest of the Defenders being rebooted? Have your say in the comments section down below.