Marvel Reportedly Plans To Bring Venompool Into The MCU


Marvel fans should no doubt expect to see a host of new faces join the MCU in Phase 4 and beyond. Some of these incoming heroes and villains, such as Shang-Chi, Blade and the real Mandarin, have already been announced, but we’ve just gotten word of a potential debutante that might surprise you.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Jake Johnson is returning for Jurassic World 3 and Han would be back for Fast & Furious 9, both of which are now confirmed – the comic book giant is planning to introduce none other than Venompool to its cinematic universe. Exactly when he might appear is anybody’s guess, but we’ve been told that a future Deadpool sequel is where he’s most likely to pop up.

As the fans will know, Venompool is an alternate reality version of Deadpool from Earth-90211, and a result of the Venom symbiote bonding with a multi-dimensional incarnation of the Merc With a Mouth.

Of course, Marvel certainly have a lot of groundwork to do before the way is paved for Venompool to join the MCU. Firstly, the studio needs to figure out how to incorporate Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool into their shared universe. Reports suggest that plans for this could be further along than first thought, but there’s also still the matter of how Marvel will add the Venom symbiote into the mix.

Sony, of course, currently holds the screen rights to a number of Spider-Man characters, including Venom, so Marvel might need to work a few things out with them before plans for Venompool could really get going. That being said, there have been signs of potential crossovers between Sony’s Spiderverse and the MCU happening soon, and we imagine that the two parties will be able to figure something out that benefits both sides.

In any case, we’ve also heard that Venom star Tom Hardy will be involved in the Venompool storyline, and while the exact details of how it will all play out still remain hazy, we’ve been told that they definitely plan to feature the character in a future Deadpool film.