Marvel Reportedly Has Plans For Galactus And Tyrant In The MCU


Now that Marvel Studios has the rights back to Fantastic Four lore, fans are fully expecting two major characters to be introduced into the MCU soon: Galactus and his heroic former Herald, the Silver Surfer. The latest report on the future of the franchise, however, says that, while the Devourer of Worlds will be making his debut soon, another one of his creations will be featured before Norrin Radd.

MCU Cosmic writes that “at some point” Marvel will bring Galactus into the MCU, as well as Tyrant. In contrast to the planet-eater and the Surfer, Tyrant is a much lesser-known property from the comics.

Hailing from the early 1990s, Tyrant was a being Galactus created in his image. However, his power-hungry nature caused him to rebel against his master. Galactus managed to exile him to deep space but, eons later, in the present, he returned to cause havoc for cosmic heroes like Silver Surfer and Beta Ray Bill. Even Thanos loosely allied with the good guys to take him down.

As for where the duo of cosmic monstrosities could show up, there are numerous options, including Captain Marvel 2, Guardians 3 and that Nova movie. MCU Cosmic reminds us in their article, though, that Galactus was a major part of the 2015 run of The Ultimates. It’s previously been rumored that an Ultimates movie is in the works, too, based on the version of the team led by Captain Marvel and Black Panther, so that’s another possible contender.

Maybe Galactus and Tyrant could be teased before they appear in the flesh, though. Perhaps even as soon as November 2020’s The EternalsAfter all, that’s digging deep into both the Jack Kirby-created corners of the Marvel mythos and the ancient history of the MCU. As such, what better place could there be to hint at an age-old being from Kirby’s imagination like Galactus?