Marvel Reportedly Still Has Plans For The Original Avengers


Marvel fans were understandably disappointed when the full line-up for Phase 4 was unveiled this past summer and it didn’t feature an Avengers movie. Each of the three previous phases of the MCU have been built around at least one or two big team-up events, but this upcoming slate seemed to suggest that the studio was retiring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It won’t be for long, though, as Kevin Feige and co. still have plans for some of the OG Avengers. It’s just that the next time you see them, it might not be how you’re used to.

We all know the multiverse is going to be opened up in Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and this is going to allow for Marvel to bring back many characters we previously thought were dead and gone. Only, it won’t be the original versions. Rather, it’ll be alternate versions from different universes/timelines. Kind of like what we’re seeing happening now with Loki. And apparently, this is how some of the OG Avengers will be brought back.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Daniel Radcliffe was being eyed for Moon Knight, [SPOILERS] would be revealed as a traitor in The Rise of Skywalker and Ace Ventura is now in early development, all of which have been proven true – Marvel plans to bring back a few of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes but since they’ll be from alternate universes, they’ll be evil versions of the heroes.

It’s unclear as of yet who, exactly, might return, but from what we understand, the plan is to have at least a couple of the original Avengers show up in the planned New Avengers movie, with the new version of the team (see: Black Panther, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, etc.) coming across the evil versions of their old friends and having to fight them. This will apparently be a one and done situation, though, meaning that once these evil Avengers are defeated, we won’t see them again.

And though it all sounds a bit crazy and almost too good to be true, know that this intel also comes to us from the same folks who told us a Green Lantern show was in the works for HBO Max, [SPOILERS] dies in The Rise of Skywalker and that the Inhumans are going to appear in Ms. Marvel – again, three scoops that have all been confirmed.

Now, of course, plans can always change. Let’s not forget when MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad insisted that Avengers 4 was called Avengers: Annihilation. On multiple occasions. Only, it wasn’t. It was called Avengers: Endgame in the end. He may’ve been right initially, but things can change very quickly in Hollywood and they often do, especially when the media gets involved. But for right now, at least, this is definitely something that’s being planned at Marvel and as soon as we hear more about what else may be in store for the original Avengers, we’ll be sure to let you know.