Marvel Reportedly Plans To Make [SPOILERS] The MCU’s Next Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Iron Man’s demise in Avengers: Endgame reminded us that the heroes of the MCU can’t go on forever, and by the end of Phase 4, even some of the second generation of Avengers will be very long in the tooth. Take Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, for instance. By the time, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness arrives on its newly-updated release date of November 2021, the British actor will have occupied the role for (likely) five films across five years.

So, we might not see him in the franchise much longer after that. That’s no problem, though, as the folks at Marvel may already be looking ahead at how to handle his exit. As we’ve previously reported, We Got This Covered has heard that Cumberbatch doesn’t have much left on his current contract, which isn’t expected to be extended. After he’s done with the MCU, then, Marvel may bump up another character to effectively be the new Doctor Strange. And we’ve been told it’ll be Clea, someone who’s yet to debut on screen.

Sources close to WGTC – the same ones who informed us about She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel TV series being on the way and the Guardians having a cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder – say that Clea will serve as the next Sorcerer Supreme after the good doctor eventually hangs up his cloak. Once that happens, she’ll become the resident magic-user in the MCU and while she won’t be called Doctor Strange, she’ll essentially fill his role in the franchise.

This makes a lot of sense, too, as it’s heavily suspected that Clea will make her debut in Multiverse of Madness. She’s Strange’s main love interest in the comics and, with Rachel McAdams not returning as Christine Palmer in the sequel, the door is open for her to walk into Stephen’s life. She should be a fun character, too, as since she’s the niece of Dormammu and sometimes ruler of the Dark Dimension, Clea has powers that rival Strange’s own.

Tell us, though, who’s looking forward to seeing Clea enter the MCU, especially as she could be the next Doctor Strange? Share your thoughts in the usual place down below.