Marvel Reportedly Planning To Make Captain Marvel Evil In Avengers 5


Marvel has an excellent slate of films coming out of the MCU’s Phase 4. Still, Avengers 5 was surprisingly absent from the lineup, leaving many to wonder what would be happening when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes reunite once again. Now we may have some sort of idea of what’ll go down in the movie, as Marvel is reportedly planning to turn Captain Marvel evil in the next Avengers pic.

Along with Spider-Man, the studio was said to have big plans for Carol Danvers, hoping to have her be the centerpiece of the MCU moving forward. There was also talk of Captain Marvel taking the lead of both an A-Force roster and an Ultimates team, while we also know that at some point she’ll pass the torch to Monica Rambeau, who, from the looks of some recent photos, will be returning to the MCU after her debut in Captain Marvel with an appearance in WandaVision. But with this new report, we now have a better idea of where they’re heading with the character.

According to our sources – the same ones who said that Taskmaster would be the main villain in Black Widow and a Ms. Marvel TV show was in development for Disney Plus, both of which have since been confirmed – the studio is taking a bit of inspiration from a recent arc in the comics where Captain Marvel turns evil and apparently, the plan is to have her possessed by an evil entity from space, similar to that of the Phoenix Force that Jean Grey from the X-Men had to deal with, making Carol extremely powerful, even more so than she is now. This whole ordeal will apparently be teased at the end of Avengers 5 aka New Avengers, and then the arc will play out in full in Captain Marvel 3, before she presumably returns to her normal self.

She probably won’t be the only evil entity in the pic, though, as we’ve also heard that the studio is considering Kang the Conqueror and the Masters of Evil for the next mega team-up movie. Then again, like we said, Carol turning evil would only happen towards the end as a tease for her third solo outing, so she wouldn’t exactly be one of the main antagonists or anything.

And though plans can always change between now and when Avengers 5 actually gets off the ground, this is where we’re told the studio wants to go with Captain Marvel and given that these are the same sources who also said Han would return to the Fast & Furious franchise, we’ve no reason to doubt them.