Marvel May Now Release Black Widow Via Streaming As Disney Needs Money

Black Widow

Every major movie over the next few months is going to be affected by the current pandemic, but most will hopefully be able to move their release dates to later in the year – see Wonder Woman 1984 and No Time To Die – and simply arrive a little later than planned. For Marvel’s Black Widow, however, the case is slightly different. The superhero studio has a stacked release schedule, so they can only push ScarJo’s solo film back so long before everything starts tumbling like dominoes.

It only makes sense, then, that there’s talk that Marvel is seriously considering releasing Black Widow as well Mulan straight to streaming. Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph shared the news on Twitter, with her report supported by MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad. She revealed that all the details concerning how this would work are still up in the air, but discussions are definitely happening about it.

Obviously, her post got a lot of backlash from Marvel fans who want to see Black Widow in theaters. In follow-up tweets, Randolph stressed the severity of the health crisis and how it could force cinemas to close for a long while, which is why Marvel is being forced to consider this release option. She also reminded people that “considering” is the key word here and that right now, Disney needs to make money.

Black Widow was supposed to be with us in just over a month, on May 1st. And as things stand, the next Marvel productions on the docket after it are The Falcon and the Winter Soldierscheduled to arrive on Disney Plus in August and The Eternalswhich currently still retains its November release date. WandaVision is also supposed to premiere on D+ in December, but who knows how many of these will actually go out as originally intended.

Tell us, though, would you accept Black Widow coming to streaming instead of arriving in cinemas? Share your thoughts on the topic in the comments section down below.