Marvel Reportedly Getting The Rights To The Defenders Back In Early 2020


Ever since Netflix’s roster of Marvel shows were canceled, there has been constant speculation about what the future holds for the members of the Defenders. With Disney Plus further expanding the scope of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige will be keen to utilize as many heroes as possible, with reports indicating that the Marvel Studios head honcho is planning to reboot all of the small screen characters as part of the MCU at some point in the future.

Of course, the Defenders are in an interesting and unique position, because from what we’ve heard, Marvel only seems to be interested in half of them. Mike Colter is done as Luke Cage, with the role of Harlem’s guardian angel once again up for grabs, while nobody seems to be mourning the loss of Finn Jones’ Iron Fist, with the part now set to be recast with an Asian actor with an eye to having Danny Rand reintroduced as part of the Shang-Chi franchise.

Krysten Ritter and Charlie Cox have proven to be much more popular though, with Jessica Jones reportedly being set up for a big role in the MCU going forward and Daredevil in line for a fourth season of his TV show and even a solo movie. It looks like there’s going to be some serious movement on the Defenders front over the next few months then, especially with Marvel set to finally reacquire the rights following the end of the Netflix deal.

Sources close to We Got This Covered, the same ones that told us Black Adam will appear in Shazam! 3 after his solo movie, Daniel Radcliffe is being eyed for Moon Knight and that a Scream reboot is in development, all of which have since been confirmed, have informed us that Marvel are getting the rights to the Defenders back in early 2020, and will look to reboot the characters and move them into the MCU as soon as possible following that. In fact, there are already plans underway, with WGTC recently telling you about a potential guest spot for Jessica in Captain Marvel 2.

Of course, Jon Bernthal’s Punisher will also come as part of the deal, with Marvel said to be reviving Frank Castle’s show for a third season, so look for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage (and the aforementioned Castle) to be rolled out onto both the big and small screen over the next couple of years.