Marvel Reportedly Want Ryan Reynolds In More Projects Than Any Other Actor In MCU History

Ryan Reynolds

When the Marvel Cinematic Universe was in its infancy, people couldn’t believe the size of the contracts that the upstart studio were handing out. Samuel L. Jackson and Sebastian Stan were both tied down for nine movies, while Chris Evans signed on the dotted line for six after initially rejecting the role of Captain America twice due to fears of being typecast before even turning 30.

Of course, these days, multi-picture deals for major franchises have become the norm, with both Jackson and Evans renegotiating with Marvel in the past having comfortably fulfilled their original obligations. Indeed, unless you’re a living legend like a Michael Douglas or a Robert Redford, nobody else seems to be offered the chance to appear in just one movie at a time and discuss new terms for every further reprisal of a role.

Jackson’s Nick Fury has shown up ten times and will soon headline his own Disney Plus show, Stan has one pic left on his initial contract but will also be bringing Bucky to the small screen, Evans and Robert Downey Jr. both bowed out of the MCU after ten appearances each, Black Widow marks Scarlett Johansson’s ninth and final outing as Natasha Romanoff and Thor: Love and Thunder sees Chris Hemsworth reach the same number.

The latest speculation making the rounds, though, claims that Kevin Feige is planning to offer Ryan Reynolds a deal that will blow all of the above out of the water, with the Marvel Studios head honcho keen to secure the Deadpool star for the most MCU appearances ever.

If this is indeed the case, then Reynolds will be tied down for eleven movies at the very least to break the previous record, meaning that once the Merc with a Mouth finally shows up – whenever that may be – he’ll swiftly be all over our screens. And that can only be good news for fans.