Marvel Reportedly Unhappy With Tessa Thompson And Taika Waititi After Racy Photos Go Viral


One of the biggest topics on social media last week was the emergence of some paparazzi photos that depicted Marvel’s Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson, along with British singer Rita Ora, involved in what looked to be a very intimate and cozy encounter at Waititi’s Sydney home. The pics, showcasing a three-way kiss between the trio, led to much speculation that the director, actress and pop star are involved in an open relationship.

Obviously, this is the private business of those three individuals and none of them have publicly responded to the shots or categorized their relationship in any way, but that’s only encouraged a lot of speculation online. And it appears that Disney is not happy about this turn of events.

The Daily Telegraph Australia is reporting that Marvel and the Mouse House weren’t exactly thrilled when these photos went viral. According to the news outlet, this is because they didn’t reflect “the image they’re looking to project in relation to one of their biggest franchises.”

This would certainly add up with Disney’s famed protection of their family-friendly reputation. The studio has only just started adding openly gay characters to their movies, so they’re definitely a ways from embracing polyamorous relationships. If that even is the situation between Waititi, Thompson and Ora. It’s hardly a serious scandal or anything, but this interest in the director and the actress’ private lives is clearly more salacious than Disney is comfortable with.

It’s currently unclear if Taika Waititi and/or Tessa Thompson have received word from the studio about this, but if they did, it probably wasn’t too severe as the pair are still busy making one of Marvel’s biggest upcoming films, Thor: Love and Thunder, which is coming out next May. It’s likely that the company would wish to continue their partnership with these key creatives going forward, too. Still, from what’s being reported, it seems the duo are not in Disney’s good books right now.