Marvel Reportedly Worried About Tom Holland and Zendaya’s Relationship


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, it’s finally become public knowledge that fan-favorites Tom Holland and Zendaya are officially dating. Something many people have been predicting for the past few years has finally come to fruition, exciting millions of fans around the world. Having watched their young careers flourish into stardom over the years, the Spider-Man: Homecoming stars are finally together.

It’s safe to say though that whilst the public has clearly taken notice and further hyped this duo, the pair has caught the attention of more than just their fans. According to a close insider, Marvel is now concerned about Holland and Zendaya’s relationship, and they’re keeping a close eye on the pair. According to the source, Marvel worries about their stars when they begin dating since relationships tend to have ups and downs, and the chemistry that works on-set tends to also work against co-stars off-set if they’re arguing, or worse, going through a break up. For Marvel, a breakup or drama could spell trouble in paradise, as something that once was a great opportunity can rapidly become something that will challenge their creative development.

This definitely could seem like a lot of pressure to put on two young individuals who are likely not even in the prime of their careers, and also with a relationship that’s still quite young. As their chemistry on screen was palpable, we certainly hope for the young couple that’s also the case off-screen. Nonetheless, it seems pretty obvious that Marvel will keep an eye on the lives of some of their main stars, but as always, this still remains a rumour that we will continue to monitor.