Marvel Reportedly Worried That Tessa Thompson’s Relationship With Taika Waititi Looks Bad


Two big names in the MCU have been the talk of social media these past few days as some rather racy paparazzi photos of them went viral. Director Taika Waititi and actress Tessa Thompson were captured on the balcony of Waititi’s home in Bondi, Australia, with the pair seen in an intimate moment along with British singer Rita Ora, leading to a lot of speculation that they’re in an open relationship.

Of course, all this interest in Waititi and Thompson’s personal lives has reached Disney and Marvel execs and right now, there are conflicting reports about how they feel in regards to the situation. First, we heard that the two studios aren’t terribly pleased as this is “not exactly the image” they’re hoping to project in relation to the MCU. Furthermore, it’s been said that they feel that these pictures “cross a line.”

However, other sources indicate that there’s no issue at all and the two companies were just a bit surprised by it. In fact, the same insider even says that they’re supportive of the pair. But that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t any concern.

A third source has weighed in this week and while the intel stems from Reddit, it does come from a user who has a proven track record, having told us that Julia Louis-Dreyfus would show up in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Now, they’re chiming in again to offer some info on the Tessa/Taika situation, and according to them, both Thompson’s agents and Marvel themselves are “worried that the actress-director relationship, or whatever it is between them, looks bad for them.”

Obviously, this whole thing is far from being a scandal and it’s unlikely that either Tessa Thompson or Taika Waititi will face any sort of consequences for it. But whether Marvel and Disney are mad, worried, surprised or something else entirely, you can be sure that the pair will be keeping their private lives out of the spotlight for the foreseeable future.