Marvel May Get The Rights To Spider-Man Back


Despite the fact that Peter Parker is back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and due to bring his very own solo outing to theatres in the form of Spider-Man: Homecoming, it’s important to remember that Sony Pictures still own the film rights to the character. Yes, Marvel has been allowed to use him temporarily and they are taking the “creative lead” on his adventures in the MCU, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to keep him around forever.

With Sony busy building their own cinematic universe populated by Spidey-related characters like Black Cat and Venom, it’d make sense for the studio to want the iconic hero back in a few years. However, if Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star Dave Bautista is to be believed, that may not happen. According to him, Marvel is looking to re-acquire Spider-Man. It’s hard to say if he’s speaking from inside knowledge or just speculating, but here’s what he had to share during a recent interview when asked about his thoughts on Homecoming:

“I love that kid – I love Tom Holland. I also love that they’re staying so true to the comics with this whole series and I think that’s because Marvel Studios has gotten involved. I think before, I think it was Sony who had control. And I think they’re doing a partnership now, but I think they will – I don’t know this for sure – but I think they’re going to re-acquire Spider-Man.”

Again, Bautista’s comments here are a bit unclear and raise more questions than they do provide answers. For instance, what’s led him to think Marvel might be getting Spidey back? Does he know something we don’t? Furthermore, if the character really does return to his original owner, what does that mean for Sony’s spinoffs? They could still go ahead with them and just not include Spider-Man, but that seems pointless – though rumors have pointed to that being the plan anyways. Then again, if Marvel takes back Peter Parker, perhaps they’ll make a deal for his supporting players, too?

Right now, it’s hard to say what’s going on, as details involving this particular partnership have been hazy at best over the years. And things only got more confusing when Sony announced their Venom and Black Cat and Silver Sable films, which apparently aren’t connected to the MCU whatsoever. As such, for now all we can do is sit and wait patiently for Spider-Man: Homecoming to swing into theatres, as its performance will surely be a huge factor in what happens with the character’s rights going forward.

Until then, tell us, what are your thoughts on all this? Do you think Marvel has a chance of bringing Spider-Man home? Sound off in the usual place and let us know!