Disney Has An Avengers: Endgame Backup Plan In Case Captain Marvel Flops


Whether you love Captain Marvel, hate it or – as is the case for most of the filmgoing public right now – haven’t got round to seeing it yet, there’s no denying that the movie has put up with a remarkable amount of hogwash online, much of it concerning star Brie Larson. It’s therefore impossible not to approach any new rumor that casts both the film and the actress in a negative light with maximum skepticism.

Just take this new theory, which emerged on Reddit and has since been shared (albeit, rather incredulously) by The Mary Sue. According to an alleged insider, Marvel Studios has taken note of the online backlash faced by Captain Marvel, and as a result, has essentially shot an alternate version of Avengers: Endgame where Carol Danvers’ screen time is severely reduced in case her solo movie bombs.

It’s said that some of Captain Marvel’s action scenes were reshot with Captain America and Black Widow in her place in an attempt to keep the inflated budget down. The report then goes on to claim that Larson “treats everyone well but she’s very contesting and she contested the hell out of this decision, until Marvel Studios was forced to shoot those scenes in different days.”

Again, given how many people on certain corners of the internet would love this all to be true, it’s pretty hard to have any faith in this Redditor’s claims. Either way, it’s currently looking like a backup plan won’t be all that necessary, seeing how Captain Marvel is garnering impressive reviews and is projected to have a strong opening weekend. Regardless, we’ll be seeing Carol in action once more when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.

Source: The Mary Sue