Marvel Says No New Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Tomorrow


Well, now we’re just getting frustrated.

This week was supposed to be a big one for Marvel fans, with the studio said to roll out all kinds of exciting looks at Avengers: Infinity War. So far, though, we’re not exactly off to a good start. After Entertainment Tonight severely underwhelmed on their “exclusive sneak peek” at the film, we’re now hearing that despite reports to the contrary, we won’t be getting a new trailer tomorrow.

After news broke out earlier today saying that it’d arrive on Tuesday, Marvel cut through the noise to set the record straight and confirm that no, fans won’t get another look at the film this week. Or at least, not tomorrow. Perhaps something will premiere on Wednesday or Thursday, but at the moment, all we’re left to do is play the guessing game. And as we said above, it’s becoming pretty frustrating.

If there’s one silver lining here, though, it’s that tickets will apparently go on sale this Friday, which will no doubt stoke the embers of excitement as we creep closer and closer to Infinity War‘s global release. And make no mistake about it, folks, after Marvel’s decision to bring that North American launch date forward a week, this is very much a global release, and we’re excited to see how the event movie to end all event movies performs – both at home and overseas.

On April 27th, Avengers: Infinity War will bring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to their knees, as Thanos plots world domination via the six Infinity Stones. Chances are Joe and Anthony Russo will keep at least one of those gems locked up in the Marvel vaults until 2019 (and, by effect, Avengers 4), but we’ll be keeping a close eye on the Mad Titan’s masterplan as it begins to unfold.