Marvel Shares New Clip Detailing The Eternals Rivalry With Deviants

For those who aren’t familiar with the characters in Marvel’s latest film Eternals ahead of its US release later this week have no fear! Marvel has you covered with a small informational clip to get you up to speed on the relationship between the Eternals and their long-time foes the Deviants.

The clip shared today outlines the general premise of the conflict between these two races, the purpose of the Deviants, and their history on Earth.

As the clip explains, Deviants are an alien race of creatures that wipe out all intelligent life on the planets they inhabit. Their race is as old as the Eternals themselves who are ancient immortal beings who’ve existed almost as long as the universe itself.

Fulfilling the duty of the Celestials, the Eternals came to Earth with a goal of protecting the human life flourishing within. During their time on Earth, the Eternals were able to push back the Deviant threat to a seeming extinction, however, after some strange occurring in the present day, they’re back for vengeance led by their leader Kro.

This shares a brief overview of the complex relationship between these two ancient alien races and will more than get you in the loop to catch the film when it launches in your local theatre sometime this week.

Some international viewers may have the opportunity to check out the latest addition to the MCU now but for most viewers, Eternals will hit theaters on Friday, Nov. 5.