Marvel Showed Off 20 Minutes Of Avengers: Infinity War In Brazil Tonight


“We’re asking that when you see Infinity War, in the coming months, that you maintain the same level of secrecy so that all fans can have an equal experience when they watch it for the first time. Don’t spoil it for others, the same way you wouldn’t want it spoiled for you.”

That’s Joe and Anthony Russo there, politely asking viewers that they think twice before spoiling Avengers: Infinity War ahead of time, as doing so will only ruin a cinematic experience 10 years in the making.

Just yesterday, the filmmaking duo posted a heartfelt open letter to the Marvel community, urging fans to take the necessary precautions when discussing Infinity War and its many intricacies on April 27th and beyond. Truth be told, it’ll be difficult to police the post-launch discourse, as many comic book fans have been pining for Avengers: Infinity War for months – if not years.

Not only that, but fan screenings have now begun and already, reports are pouring out online, giving detailed descriptions of what was shown. Granted, there’s nothing too spoiler-y rearing its head just yet, but if you want to go into the film knowing absolutely nothing at all, you should probably implement some kind of social media blackout from now until release. And you should definitely bookmark this page and return at a later date. You’ve been warned…

Still with us? Good, because we’ve got a detailed description of what’s being shown at these fan screenings, with the first one taking place in Brazil tonight. From the sounds of it, nothing significant has been revealed – no doubt for fear of spoilers – and if these reports are correct, fans only get two scenes to feast on.

The first is that one that’s already been teased in numerous promos, with Thor encountering the Guardians of the Galaxy. The only difference, is, is that at the end the God of Thunder discusses the Infinity Stones with Star Lord and co., with the gang deciding to go to Knowhere to pay the Collector a visit.

The other scene is a lot more juicy, as it’s set in Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum and features some action/fighting. Here’s how MCU Cosmic describes it:

The scene features Banner, Doctor Strange, and Wong and they’re talking about what to do with the Time Stone. Then a spaceship appears in New York and Ebony Maw and Corvus Glaive begin to cause destruction prior to the Avengers showing up. This is the scene of Spider-Man on the bus with his spider-sense, and Banner can’t hulk out for some reason. You also get to see Stark’s Bleeding Edge armor that just forms on his body over his clothes.

Iron Man goes into battle and Spider-Man comes in just in time to save him. Ebony Maw kidnaps Doctor Strange and takes him to the ship, but Spidey saves him. Now comes the scene in the trailer where Spider-Man is climbing on the ship. Iron Man wants to send him home, but Spidey decides to get on the ship and go into space with him and Doctor Strange.

Avengers: Infinity War reaches theaters on April 27th, and while the excitement is electric – palpable, even – we urge you to listen to the Russo Brothers and think twice about posting any significant spoilers. Because after 10 years and 18 movies’ worth of exposition and city-leveling spectacle, why ruin the fun?

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