Marvel Reveals Early Look At Peter Parker’s Homemade Spider-Man Suit


Spider-Man‘s arrival into the MCU was certainly one of cinema’s most celebrated moments in recent memory. It seemed like everyone from longtime fans to casual moviegoers alike all united in jubilation for the most popular Marvel hero’s appearance in Captain America: Civil War.

While the character featured prominently in the following Avengers films and starred in his own two solo movies, his debut still stands out thanks to one incredibly unique costume seen adorning our favorite wall-crawler. Not the one worn in the famous airport brawl, but rather the one we see beforehand when Tony Stark meets the young crime fighter at his New York apartment. This getup consists of a hoodie, a pair of goggles and a cloth mask.

Since this suit had no practical advantages (except maybe the cloth mask) over the high tech upgrade provided by Stark Industries, it saw little use beyond these early scenes and the climax of Spider Man: Homecoming. But that didn’t stop fans from falling in love with the homemade costume as it perfectly embodies Peter Parker’s humble background and resourceful nature. It also arguably stands as some of the best work by costume designer Judianna Makovsky, also known for The Hunger Games and the Harry Potter series.

Fans looking for more of the scarcely seen super suit can find it in the recently released MCU tie-in book The Wakanda Files by author Troy Benjamin, as it shows more of Spider-Man swinging around New York City (see below) alongside a personal log from Iron Man en route to meet the young hero, in which Tony praises “that kid in Queens that’s blowing up YouTube” for his obvious technological prowess in spite of his lack of access to a sophisticated laboratory setting.

Aside from a brief snippet of a YouTube video seen in Captain America: Civil War, this marks the first chronological appearance of one of the most iconic Spider-Man designs of recent memory and fans are sure to enjoy getting another look at it.