Marvel Shuffles Release Dates To Accomodate Spider-Man


After the shocking news earlier tonight that Sony and Marvel had reached a deal to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’re now hearing that some release dates have been shifted around.

As we previously told you, Spidey’s solo outing, which will be co-produced by the two studios, will land on July 28th, 2017. Keen Marvel fans will recognize that day as the date of Thor: Ragnarok‘s release. Not wanting to have the two films compete, the studio has made a couple of adjustments.

Firstly, the aforementioned Thor flick will now arrive on November 3rd, 2017. Departing that date is Black Panther, as the film has been given a new release date of July 6th, 2018. That move has pushed back Captain Marvel, which will now be taking the place of Inhumans on November 2nd, 2018, as that film will now release on July 12, 2019.

Still with us? It’s a bit confusing, but essentially, everything has just shifted one slot over, with the two Avengers films remaining in the same place. In the grand scheme of things, none of these release date changes really mean a whole lot for fans or for the MCU as a whole. In fact, the only takeaway here is that with Spidey’s solo film hitting on July 28th, 2017, he’ll very likely be part of Avengers: Infinity Wars. How he’ll be factored in is obviously unknown at this stage, but the studio has a ton of time to figure it all out. And, given their recent track record, I think that they’ll be able to integrate Spider-Man into their universe fairly seamlessly. Don’t you?

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