Marvel’s Daredevil Movie Will Reportedly See Kingpin Out For Revenge

Daredevil Cancelled

The cancellation of Daredevil hit fans particularly hard. Anyone with half a brain could see Iron Fist wasn’t going anywhere, and while the loss of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones was painful, those shows were somewhat variable in quality. But Daredevil? It was a critical darling, had just released a red-hot third season and the cast and crew appeared positive about their future plans. But, inevitably, the axe fell and it seemed that Charlie Cox’s time in the role was over.

Since then, however, we’ve heard continuous rumors from our sources – the same ones who told us a She-Hulk show was coming to Disney Plus back in April – that Marvel Studios liked Cox in the part so much that they want to bring him back into the MCU (which was also corroborated by trusted insider Daniel RPK). His potential future appearances have ranged from him cameoing in the aforementioned She-Hulk, turning up in Captain Marvel 2, headlining his own solo movie, and/or returning for a fully-fledged fourth season.

Now, the latest we’re hearing is that Marvel Studios want to do another season of the TV show featuring Bullseye as the main antagonist (which would be on Disney Plus or Hulu) and it’d lead into a full-on Daredevil movie. The core plot of the film will apparently see Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin/Wilson Fisk getting out of jail and vowing revenge on Matt Murdock. It’s a simple setup, to be sure, but one that should please both fans of the show and allow new viewers to quickly understand what’s going on. Plus, D’Onofrio was an absolutely brilliant Kingpin and it’d be a shame to waste his talents.

Given the despair that many fans felt when the Netflix shows were cancelled, news like this should warm their heart. Disney and Marvel Studios could easily have written the series off as non-canon, recast the parts and put their own spin on it, but it seems that they’re respecting the creative decisions made by the now-defunct Marvel TV. Sure, Marvel TV had its problems, but when they nailed it, like with Daredevil, they really nailed it.