Disney And Sony Reportedly Fighting Over Spider-Man Director Jon Watts


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the news that Spider-Man was effectively ousted from the MCU. If, for some reason you haven’t had the chance to be completely disappointed by this particular development, here’s a bit of a recap.

After Spider-Man: Far From Home went on to rake in well over $1 billion at the box office – solidifying it as Sony Pictures’ most successful effort to date, knocking Skyfall from the top spot – it came time for Disney to hammer out a new deal with regards to financing and producing future Spidey films. When both companies were unable to come to an arrangement (Sony reportedly wanted to continue giving Disney a five percent cut of first-dollar gross, while the House of Mouse wanted a much larger chunk of the pie in addition to merchandising rights), they parted ways, effectively ensuring that future films would not have anything to do with the MCU.

As you can imagine, fans were not happy, even though it seemed Far From Home director Jon Watts and actor Tom Holland would still come back for a third movie under the Sony Pictures banner. Unfortunately, Deadline is now reporting Watts was only tied to the franchise for the two films which have already been released (Homecoming and Far From Home), and that he’s now being “courted by Marvel.”

“I’m told that Watts was only bound to the Spidey franchise as director for those two pictures and that it’s no certainty he will be back to direct Tom Holland in the third installment being written by Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers. They wrote the record breaker Spider-Man: Far From Home.”

Writer Mike Fleming Jr., who originally broke the story of the two companies splitting up, also reports Disney had asked for a 25 percent financing and equity stake, which would have only been for films that involved Sony working alongside the House of Mouse and Kevin Feige. Frankly, it sucks they weren’t able to come to terms on a new deal, but we’re sincerely hoping a renegotiation is on the docket. As always, we’ll keep you updated on any news as we hear about it.