Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige Remembers The “Extraordinary” Stan Lee


Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has joined the long list of people paying tribute to the late, great Stan Lee.

Lee, who co-founded Marvel back in 1961 alongside the equally-phenomenal Jack Kirby, died early Monday morning after being rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. And the Internet is in a state of mourning.

Disney and Marvel Studios have released a joint statement commemorating Stan Lee’s life and legacy, and now, MCU chief Kevin Feige has taken to Twitter to raise a glass to the man who had “more of an impact” on his career than anyone else. That man is, of course, Stan Lee, and he’ll be sorely missed by everyone connected to Marvel, past and present.

Via Twitter:

Twitter itself is awash with heartfelt tributes and other messages dedicated to Marvel’s main man, with the latest arriving from the official Stan Lee account. It simply reads “Excelsior!”, Lee’s most famous catchphrase, followed by a nod to his 95-year legacy.

Elsewhere, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared his own tribute, who lauded the late Stan Lee as an industry titan, one whose boundless imagination and heroic characters will continue to inspire artists and creative thinkers long after his death. And that, really, is perhaps the most perfect thought to sum up Lee’s profound impact on nearly all aspects of popular culture. Because if people are right in saying that we die twice – once when they bury you in the grave, and the last time someone mentions your name – then Stan Lee may well prove immortal.

And we couldn’t agree more. Next up for Marvel Studios is the release of Captain Marvel in March, before Avengers 4 delivers one last tribute to the creative genius behind it all next summer.

To Stan “The Man” Lee, may he rest in peace.