Paul Bettany And Pom Klementieff Say They Know Nothing About Avengers 4


Marvel Studios has an enviably tough wall of secrecy around its major movies, to the point where even those involved in the production often have no idea of the bigger picture.

In Avengers: Infinity War, for instance, the studio even went so far as to ensure that practically no cast members ever had access to the full script. They obviously had the pages they were involved in, but even those had multiple versions that were shot, meaning they would have no idea which edition would make it into the movie.

So, it’s probably no surprise that Paul Bettany, who plays Vision, and Pom Klementieff, who plays Mantis are claiming they “know nothing” about Avengers 4 – though given that both of their characters are (apparently) dead, that might not actually come as such a shock.

Further in their interview with MTV, Bettany went on to explain how the Russo Brothers keep their secrets, saying:

“Here’s my experience. I read the script and then the Russo Brothers rung me up and said, ‘what’d you think?’ I said, ‘oh it’s great’ and they went ‘that’s not the script’ and I went ‘what?’ They went ‘oh it’s got lots of different, it’s got a different ending, it’s got different turns in it, certain people die that don’t die.’ And they said, ‘but we want you to read the real script.

“Now, I’m dyslexic so it takes me like five hours to read this and then they lock me in a room to read the real script and it’s the same script, so I rung them up and I said ‘um’ and they said, ‘what happened’ I went, and I read ‘Code Red’ or whatever they called it and he said, ‘yeah what do you think.’ I said, ‘I went it was the same script’ and he asked me some questions and then he went ‘aw man they gave you the wrong script again.

So, after ten hours given over to reading scripts that I was never going to make I decided not to. I said, ‘what happens at the end of this one?’ and Joe just said, ‘I think me, and Anthony are going to have to leave town.’ So that’s what, we knew it was bad.”

This can even extend beyond the film’s release, too, with Benedict Cumberbatch having confidently asserted in an interview that, of all the cast members, he was one of the lucky few to read the actual script. The Russo Brothers quickly explained, however, that he was mistaken.

Of course, another thing these fake scripts do is increase the amount of misinformation there is out there about the movie. Even if the real scripts were to leak, Marvel Studios could easily claim that they’re just the versions given to the actors to ensure that spoilers remain under wraps.

Whatever the reasoning, I love that they managed to preserve the big twist at the end of Avengers: Infinity War until opening night – the shock of seeing all those characters crumble into dust left my jaw hanging open. If all this is what it takes to get that reaction, then keep doing what you’re doing, Marvel Studios.