Marvel Studios Still Has Plans For Chris Evans’ Captain America


For all intents and purposes, Avengers: Endgame served as our farewell to Chris Evans’ time as Captain America. After playing the Sentinel of Liberty in a number of solo and team-up flicks, his iteration of Steve Rogers was finally granted a beautiful sendoff – but not before handing his shield over to Sam Wilson AKA the Falcon. This was, of course, pretty much in keeping with comic book lore when it came to passing the torch.

According to our source though, Marvel Studios would like to further explore Steve’s adventures throughout time in a future movie or TV series. To be specific, they want to show True Believers what it was like when he reunited with the Red Skull, lived in domestic bliss with Peggy Carter, etc.

In my view, diehard and casual fans alike would probably eat this up, but the ball is really in Evans’ court when you think about it. Thankfully, we’re hearing that he’s interested, too, as without his involvement, this thread can’t really be picked up on. But if it were, parallels could be drawn to the upcoming Loki series set to air on the Disney Plus streaming service.

Naturally, this information may end up being denied by both Marvel Studios and Chris Evans if they were to address it publicly, but our source remains confident in their intel. If your memory serves you well, then you should remember how the bigwigs over there vehemently denied they had any plans for the Planet Hulk concept in live action, and then – bam – Thor: Ragnarok happened. Not to mention that this is the same source who also told us Taskmaster would be the villain in Black Widow, and revealed the Endgame re-release post-credits scene well before it hit theaters.

Still, given that this product is targeted for years down the line, plans could always change. And even if we never see Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers as Captain America ever again, we at least have Sam Wilson to fall back on. I’d have liked to see Bucky Barnes get his own run, too, but obviously that’s not happening now.