Marvel Studios President Says He’s Got Great Confidence In DC Films


The MCU versus the DCEU. It’s the hottest topic on the Internet and one that’ll lead to many instant blocks on Twitter and fiery flame wars in the Facebook comments sections. Whether you’re a DC stan or Marvel fanboy, you can’t deny that this rivalry is pushing each company to outdo the other (and itself). It’s like Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, who are setting a new standard for sportsmen and competitiveness across the globe.

As these franchises become among the most profitable in cinema history, the scrutiny will only increase and more intense debates will take place over who’s doing it better. We’re not about to tell you which one is the best, though, because that’s just a matter of opinion. What we are here to do is to show you that despite what people may think, there really is no bad blood between the companies, with key figures from each one repeatedly offering praise for their competitor.

The latest example of this is Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, who had nothing but nice things to say about DC and the films they’ve been making lately. In a recent interview with Heroic Hollywood, the super producer was asked if he thinks that DC could learn anything from Marvel, and replied with the following:

I don’t know. I’m not one to bestow advice onto others. I think you can look at what they did with ‘Wonder Woman’ and they’ve figured that out. I’ve got great confidence in Geoff Johns over there and now Joss Whedon helping them out that just makes me excited as a fan to see what’s next.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Feige speaking fondly of his competitor, so his comments here aren’t terribly surprising. Still, it’s nice to see that despite the fact that the companies are most definitely rivals, they can appreciate each other’s success. The same can’t exactly be said about the fans, who continue to debate ad nauseam which franchise is better, but at least the studio execs can put all that aside and act amicable.

As for what lies ahead for each company, they’ve both got a pretty big month coming up what with Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League touching down in theatres. The two blockbusters will no doubt be battling it out for box office supremacy and it should be interesting to see which one ends up performing the best.

Our money’s on the latter, but what do you think? Be sure to head down to the comments section below and give us your thoughts!