Marvel Studios Still Isn’t Ruling Out More One-Shots


It’s hard to complain about the increase in movies – and the quality of those movies – in the MCU as time’s gone by, but many followers of the franchise do miss the Marvel One-Shots that used to appear on the DVD releases. The short films brought back a variety of Marvel stars including Clark Gregg, Hayley Atwell, Ben Kingsley and Sam Rockwell for more in-universe adventures. But sadly they dried up, with the last one made in 2014.

Ever since then, Marvel Studios execs have been periodically prodded for info on whether further One-Shots could be made. The latest to be asked the question is producer Stephen Broussard. Much like previous responses, Broussard maintained that the program’s still “percolating” at Marvel HQ and says if a really great idea for a short film comes up they’ll do it.

“Yeah. It’s always kind of percolating there. Nothing formal right now. We do love it and we always say that if there’s a great idea or a must tell story that motivates it more than anything else. I’d say that the One-Shot program still has a pulse as long as we’re here.”

Though you might expect them to be inconsequential, Marvel One-Shots often proved key to lining up the different parts of the MCU. All Hail the King, for example, revealed that the real Mandarin was still out there following Iron Man 3 while Agent Carter inspired the short-lived but beloved ABC series of the same name. So, a relaunch of sorts would definitely be worthwhile now that the franchise is so wide-ranging.

At least Broussard isn’t ruling out the possibility, then. What’s more, Marvel Studios is expanding its remit beyond just its movies again in the near future, what with those big-budget TV series for Loki and Scarlet Witch coming to Disney’s streaming service. So, maybe they’ll rethink the potential for the Marvel One-Shot program as well.