Marvel Super Fan Has Seen Avengers: Endgame 107 Times Already


If there was any doubt Avengers: Endgame would surpass Avatar‘s worldwide box office record before it leaves theaters, one fan of the movie just might singlehandedly break it himself.

The Marvel flick has less than $60 million to go until it’s number one, and many people are rooting for it to get there. Having seen the film 107 times (as of this writing) already, Agustin Alanis is proof that there are heroes out there who don’t wear capes. Unless he did every time he went to see it. And if that’s the case, I’m totally not going to judge.

The Twitter user/Avengers super fan has been silently working his way to a new Guinness world record for viewings of the same movie and today, he passed the previous record set by Tony Mitchell, who saw Infinity War a whopping 103 times. Someone rename this guy Vision, because he’s an absolute machine!

Here’s Alanis’ tweet honoring the previous record holder, after his 103rd viewing of Endgame:

I really do have to say, I’m a bit jelly. If I even suggested a second viewing to my wife, eyes would roll. Among other things, depending on her mood.

Anyways, Mitchell, or Nem: The Infinity Watcher as he’s known by his 27,000-plus followers, posted his enthusiastic reply soon after, writing:

As with all world records and the hunt for them, there’s already competition stirring, as seen in the above tweet. In fact, according to IndieWire‘s Twitter feed, a Wisconsin man has seen Captain Marvel 116 times. But the three hour Endgame runtime will keep Alanis’ record on top, no doubt. At least, in my book.

When news of Mitchell’s Infinity War record reached co-director Joe Russo, the filmmaker stepped up and he actually invited the fan to the premiere of the then-titled Avengers 4. Not only that, but he also invited him to the set of the film itself for reshoots. Whether that’s Alanis’ endgame (heh), or he just wants the glory of holding the world record for most hours spent watching the same movie in theaters is yet to be known, but either way, his dedication and love for Avengers: Endgame is certainly admirable.

Source: Twitter